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Unproductivity Galore!!!

  • Who the hell decided we should work during the afternoons? Especially on a Friday??
  • I bought a cool pair of old school sun glasses at 100 Kshs, they totally rock!! My Kikuyu mind is just thinking of how I will go buy them in wholesale and sell them at 500 a piece :o)
  • It's so hot and humid, and I am dressed in all black wat the hell was I thinking??!!
  • Damn the music on the radio today is crazy!! I have a radio at my desk, I do not even know what the hell is holding me down from boss Tune in to 98.4 Capital Fm 
  • I think it is about time I stopped wearing these shoes. I keep feeling like everyone is staring at them and seeing how worn out they are
  • I need something exciting to happen, I have nothing much to look forward to this weekend. One of the boys said they have a surprise for me next week, but it's best if I do not think about it at all before I start creating unrealistic expectations.
  • So many partys this weekend, which I do not think I plan on attending, but Im beginning to get tempted...
  • Ha ha ha ha how wasted were those guys yesterday?? It is so funny seeing old people falling down drunk in the bushes, one after the other LMAO
  • I have this constant need for change, hence the always changing my screen name on Facebook, changing my blog address, and now my template, I cant help it, monotony bores me to death  How dyu like my blog now??
  • I need a life!!!
Those are just my random thoughts for today!! Enjoy your weekend! Smooches

xxx V xxx


Anonymous said...

but your life rocks?

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