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Thank God it's Friday!!

I am excited about
meeting up with my friend tonight at a halloween party that I am so not dressing up for. I do not know why this year Halloween has been really hyped up, but I'm not jumping on that bandwagon, I'l go dressed up as myself but with creepy eyes lol.
Today I am feeling
I dunno, I cannot quite tell what it is that I am feeling today.... so lets just say that I am easy breezy
My Funky Friday Them Song is
Fall in love by D'Banj. That Naija boy is just too cool for school
This weekend I
am meeting up with many of my friends who I have not seen in a while so I am really stoked about it. I plan to party hard, have lottsa fun, and somehow make it to church on Sunday. We will see how well that will go...
I am really craving

A gorgeous tripled stack thing of beauty like this!! I'm having a burger for lunch today for sure, a double stacked one. Today we are having githeri maize and beans yuck!! which I CANNOT stand so its best that I stock up at lunch time :)
I wish
that most of my prayers will come to pass soon, but I put everything in your hands Almighty Father.
I hope
there will not be too much drama tonight because I know I will meet with those characters for sure.
Today's inspirational quote is
'The indefatigable what does that mean?? pursuit of unnattainable perfection alone gives a meaning to our life'
To be honest I have no idea what that means, these quotes are from my quote calendar :)

So just click on the comment link, and tell us what your excited about, how your feeling, your theme song today, what the weekend holds for you, what your craving, your wishes, your hopes and an inspirational quote you would like to share.

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!!
 xxx V xxx


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