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It seems like I can not catch a break!!!! I could not access this blog, so I moved, then the place where I moved to has been blocked, then I've realised this has become accessible again, what the hell?!!!
Anyhuu I still love this space because the templates so nice and vibrant so when I really need to say something I will defnitely be venting on this space!!


Due to unavoidable circumstances, I have been forced to export my blog to wordpress.
I have also realised wordpress is a very cool blog host with a lot of tools that blogger unfortunately does not offer so you can catch me at:


To everyone who has me on their blog roll, sorry for the inconvenience, if you wish, kindly change my blog address to

I have decided that I will still be blogging here so this aint the lost of 'In the confines of my mind'

xxx V xxx


Lesdodis!!!! Let's do this!
Thank God it's Friday!!
I am excited about
hanging out with my cousins today. Wow I actually do not remember the last Friday that I just went home and chilled! Next week that is top on my schedule for the weekend.
Today I am feeling
peachy. No feeling stands out in particular this morning so I'm easy breezy.
My Funky Friday Theme song is
Nuh Linga by Elephant man. Some road show truck is blaring it out loud outside my office. I love this song it is so catchy, and a great track to dance to as we all try to sweep like they do in the video. I hope I hear it tonight.
This weekend I
just wanna chill out. After all my scheduled activities I am locking myself in my room, watch serieses and maybe make some jewellery because this missy here has to make some bank. young mula baby!!
I am really craving

You may conquer with the sword but you are conquered by a kiss
I wish
this flu would go away already! The full blown effects have not checked in yet, but I am so screwed if they do because my sinuses usually hurt like shit!
I hope
they do not discover how I am beating the system. fingers crossed 
Today's inspirational quote
'To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first'

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!
xxx V xxx
P.S should I move my blog to wordpress??



I was originally thinking of writing about how my life seems to be kinda boring without receiving any male attention but eish I have seen the benefits of just being left alone, it became very clear today.
Isn't it funny how the people you yearn for never say a word, but other people, especially the one's who do not particularly interest jazz you, always seem to be nagging you left right and centre?
I must say, men go around acting all macho, the epitome of masculinity, yet they start whining about how women do not hola sijui nini nini sheesh grow some cahones yawa. We women hate it just the same way guys hate being nagged by women about not holaing.
The leaving of a message is one half of a social contract which is completed by the checking of the message. If that contract breaks down then all social contracts break down and we descend into anarchy!
That quote there is from The Big Bang Theory,  I love that show.
I hate being ignored!!!! I believe that if I call you, at least pick up the phone. If I ring you more than once and you do not pick up, the least you can do is call me back when you see my missed call. If I text you, please reply, at least within the 24 hour window, or within the same week, otherwise I will not bother trying again.
If I write on your wall, reply on my wall, or at least comment on it but do not ignore it, or I will ignore your ass till you decide to hala at me first! sometimes I take it personally If I inbox you, just be courteous and reply.
If I twit you, twit back.
It is that simple. Those are the communication standards that I live by and adhere to as much as I can.
If you decide not to hola back at me, I will of course not be amused, but I will not bother asking you why your ignoring me,  I guess you have your reasons.
I have this friend of mine punk who rarely picks up my calls or reply my texts, he makes me so freaking mad! By the way I have decided if I am not worth communicating with over the phone, then he does not deserve my attention in person, and he will face my wrath the next time I see him. do not worry its nothing serious, I am a friendly girl
You know how when you receive a text how excited you get, till you see who sent it? Then when their identity is revealed your heart either skips a beat or sinks?
If my heart sinks, and I am not so jazzed about it, I will reply out of courtesy but just not with as much urgency as if it was someone I was excited about but before the 24 hour window closes. Just do not go freaking out on me and start making funny assumptions.Be easy I will get back to you.
Anyway right now my mind is really at peace, no male distractions whatsoever, and right now I think it is better if it stays that way.

On the flipside, peep this nails, aren't they just dandy??!!

I will not be able to tweet as much anymore, due to some uncontrollable circumstances *sob* *sob* which is sad because today I marked my 1000th tweet. Anyway I will try to tweet whenever I get a chance.

xxx V xxx

First of the month
Glittery texts by

Okay I know I am a little late on this, it being 2nd of November here in Kenya but in some parts of the world, I am sure it still is 1st November :p

October highlights
October was a really chilled out month for me. But here are some of the things that stuck out for me:

Went for the Top 100 parties at Carnivore and I had so much fun, and we took some fabulous pictures. If you hear about the next one make sure you go, I promise you you will not regret it.

I took my mother for the Tusker Project Fame Finale and we had so much fun! She was so happy and excited which was awesome because I really wanted to do something nice for her.

I won something :) I won a Palmers Cocoa Butter hamper but I still haven't received it yet.

My Mizizi class had a fun day out with some adorable kids 2 weeks ago and I had so much fun with them.

I celebrated halloween for the first time ever and it rocked! Kenyans this year went all out, I was surprised!

I dunno what this dude was meant to be lol but he was not the only one who dressed up. There were witches, wizards, vampires, grim ripper, Amy Winehouse, a kitty, a mbotch, pirates, warewolves, Superman who proceeded to ask me if I was Lois Lane (Lame). The best costume I saw was a chic dressed as Beyonce think the Single Ladies video. She looked spectacular! All this went down at the Nondescript Clubhouse and I had a ball!!

I met up with my friends this weekend as well, and we went to Kenya's version of an amusement park at Rim's Club on Langatta Road and we went on the banana, ferris wheel and the merry go round thing. The banana was the scariest of them all, you can practically feel your stomach moving up and down, I shut my eyes so tightly lol. But the second time round, I learnt a trick, laugh at the other people more freaked out than you :) I have always wanted to go on a rollercoaster, but after the banana, will I manage really?

October downsides
So I went from being confused by two men to none at all. I miss the male attention, but I think it was a very good thing that I got out before anything serious happened, I have emerged unharmed with my being remaining intact.
How could I miss the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) ??? And the white party at Tribe? I still feel very badly about that. But I have to give them props, who new a Kenyan Award show would go so well?

Dstv was put off :( National TV is soo boring Jesus!!!! I just get home and sleep rather than be subjected to News or that God awful mbotch station known as Citizen Tv.
Bills! Bills! Bills! I have debts which I am yet to pay, and the pressure is starting to pile up.
I am still unsure about my career path :-/ 

October discoveries
There is this girl that I know from mutual friends of ours. The first time I officially met her was last year like March, I thought she was so cool, and really nice. After that day, the next numerous times we came across each other, we never spoke. I assumed she chose to forget who I was, and being the proud person that I am, I never made the first attempt to try and speak to her either. I met her at a party last month and she proceeded to introducer herself to me twice! It just made me wonder whether I was that insignificant for her not to remember me that she had to re-introduce herself on the same night. So this weekend, I discovered that she felt the same way as me. She thought that I used to ignore her on purpose as well. I was honestly shocked when I heard about that. This pride of mine really gets me into problems sometimes. So I have decided the next time I see her, I will greet her as warmly as I can, and try explain that I was not trying to be a snob or anything, and hopefully we will be able to become good friends after that.

I also discovered not focusing on men is easy, fun and stress free! The two times I went out last month, was purely a girls night out. We got all dolled up and proceeded to ignore advances from random men and I had a blast!

What I look forward to in November
 This month my cousin and one of my closest friends are celebrating their birthdays so that is definitely something to look forward to.
I also cannot wait to get my hair undone, it is really making me conscious about my forehead :)
To be honest, that's all!  I am waiting for December for all the summer bunnies to come back to the country.

What were your highlights, downsides and discoveries for the month of October? What do you look forward to in this brand spanking new month?


Thank God it's Friday!!

I am excited about
meeting up with my friend tonight at a halloween party that I am so not dressing up for. I do not know why this year Halloween has been really hyped up, but I'm not jumping on that bandwagon, I'l go dressed up as myself but with creepy eyes lol.
Today I am feeling
I dunno, I cannot quite tell what it is that I am feeling today.... so lets just say that I am easy breezy
My Funky Friday Them Song is
Fall in love by D'Banj. That Naija boy is just too cool for school
This weekend I
am meeting up with many of my friends who I have not seen in a while so I am really stoked about it. I plan to party hard, have lottsa fun, and somehow make it to church on Sunday. We will see how well that will go...
I am really craving

A gorgeous tripled stack thing of beauty like this!! I'm having a burger for lunch today for sure, a double stacked one. Today we are having githeri maize and beans yuck!! which I CANNOT stand so its best that I stock up at lunch time :)
I wish
that most of my prayers will come to pass soon, but I put everything in your hands Almighty Father.
I hope
there will not be too much drama tonight because I know I will meet with those characters for sure.
Today's inspirational quote is
'The indefatigable what does that mean?? pursuit of unnattainable perfection alone gives a meaning to our life'
To be honest I have no idea what that means, these quotes are from my quote calendar :)

So just click on the comment link, and tell us what your excited about, how your feeling, your theme song today, what the weekend holds for you, what your craving, your wishes, your hopes and an inspirational quote you would like to share.

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!!
 xxx V xxx

I wanna do bad things with you

After watching true blood you will definitely want to do bad things with anyone WEG wicked evil grin Everywhere on the net I kept on hearing about twilight, new moon, true blood, vampire diaries, and I was really wondering what was behind all the hype about vampires. There have been dozens of movies and serieses about vampires, so why were people excited all of a sudden?
I really was not moved because honestly, all vampire storylines are practically like the same in my opinion. Anyhoo this weekend I got my hands on True blood and I absolutely love it.
First up Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) is just gorgeous, I love her gap mwanya I used to have a small one once upon a time, but thanks to retainers, I lost my gap :(
I was surprised that the characters had that western texan accent, I never expected that at all. It just goes to show just how talented these actors are. Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) is actually British and Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is Australian but they totally nail the accent.
From the get go you can just see the chemistry between Sookie and Bill is simply electrifying! The sparks can start a fire!

It is definitely no surprise that these two are engaged in real life, because that intensity cannot be faked.
So the basic storyline revolves around Sookie, a pretty waitress at Sam's bar. She meets Bill, a vampire and they fall for each other to the dismay of the entire community. Her bestfriend Tara and her boss Sam are both against the idea of her fraternising with a dead blood sucker but for totally different reasons. Tara is afraid for Sookie's safety and well being, while Sam in addition has been habouring feelings for Sookie for the longest time.
Jason is Sookie's manwhore of a brother who shags anything that moves. Lately the women he sleeps with end up dying and making him the chief suspect.
Lafayette is like my best character. He is Tara's ghetto fabulous gay cousin who peddles all kinda drugs including V. V is vampire blood which gives users 'life'. I love Lafayette, he looks so gorgeous in makeup, and he has the prettiest toe nails. But when he decides to suite up, he really cleans up nice and looks so handsome.

After watching True blood, I discovered that I would definitely offe rmyself to a vampire lol. I have just gotten a few episodes of Vampire Diaries so I cant wait to check it out.
True blood is definitely a must watch so find a way of getting your hands on it!

xxx V xxx

Nonsensical Issues

Thank God for blogs, its a nice public, open avenue to bitch and vent without a care in the world!!
I am definitely having Monday Moods today, so many things are weighing down on me. When I think about them, they may seem like the lamest things ever so many people have it far worse but I do not care, in my world, my problems are a big deal regardless of how meager they may seem.
First up this weather just blows, it is still very gloomy, then sunny, then gloomy, can it freaking make up it's mind already?
This is my final week at work, my contract ends on Saturday, and I am unsure about my future here. My future does not look so bleek, but I would really love some stability in my life, I am not feeling this contract thing. My dad is really hustling me to give him my CV to distribute and stuff, he is a marketer, and good at his job he was a cop, and good at his job....renegade lol Anyway he really is good at marketing me as a potential employee. The weird thing is the more he urges me to look for a job, the less I feel like doing it. Call it defiance I dunno why I do it, but clearly I will have to give in by the end of this week.
To be honest I would not mind getting a break, all I get is weekends and that totally sucks since I do not have any leave days :( But the bad thing is I have debts, I owe people gifts, I have many things to buy from my wish list aaarrrghhhhh I wanna be a kid again this adult life is hard!
Today the men aren't really on my mind, which is good because it seems their significance is really dwindling when it comes to the sitcom known as my life. I have come to the conclusion that my significance in their own lives has also clearly reduced but whatever, right now it does not feel like a big deal.
But today there is the great debate, to go see one of them, where one of the others will be there? or to avoid that situation all together..... hhmmmm I dunno. It is a catch 22 of some sort. I had promised I would see him, but should I just ask him if he will be there or just wait for him to ask again? And if I go and run into the other guy with that stalker psycho, what is gonna go down? Talking about this is a mistake even so let me stop there.
Some other nonsensical issues that I have today, I seem to be peeing in intervals of 40 minutes and I am fucking tired of it. And no I do not have a disease, my body just gets rid of toxins faster than the average person :p
I have no idea what I will have for lunch today do not laugh, its a big deal!! My office is located at a horrible location so not so many restaurants are near here, and I did not order for lunch from the mandazi guy. But I think I will just dash to the supermarket across the highway and buy yoghurt and cereals, I really enjoyed it last time.
My hair is only a week and some days old, and I hate it already! I keep getting mixed reactions about it, but regardless, it is getting tangled, and I am just not feeling it. But I am stuck with it for the next month or so, so Im just gonna suck it up!
I really miss my friends, a whole lot :(
I think airing out my trivial issues is really making me feel better :)

I found this picture on flicker and it is really calming. I wish I could somehow find myself at the beach down at the coast.
Anyway thank you for listening, and if your having the Monday Blues as well, maybe you can share your remedy for how to beat it. Cheerio

xxx V xxx


Thank God its Friday!!!!
Yup! Yup!! Its Friday! LESDODIS let's do this!
I am excited about
seeing my cousins today. It has been sooo long since I saw them and visited them at their house so I have really missed them and I cannot wait to catch up with them.
Today I am feeling
 The weather is still all gloomy, and my mood kinda matches it for no reason in particular.
My Funky Friday Theme Song is
Everything, everyday by Fabulous feat Miss Keri Baby! Great song, I just love this woman, she totally rocks, her music is great and after watching her on Big Brother last week, she seems very humble.

My 2nd theme song yeah today i have 2! is So Special by Mavado! This song just takes me back to this crazy night out wit my friends which started off at Trackers, it was my first time there that was I think in May or June, we made like 2 rounds to Prestige for some alcohol. I actually do not drink but that night I succumbed to peer pressure. We went for some lame house party at Mimosa, it was so boring, we stayed there like for a minute. Then of course, the final destination was Westlands where we parking lot pimped at the Qs car park drinking VAT 69 yuck never again!! So me and the girls I was kicking it with needed to peee so we started singing 'I'm so pressed' in the so special tune ha! ha! ha! Mad fun times!
This weekend I
am going to spread God's love to some wonderful kids tomorrow with the rest of my Mizizi classmates. I am really looking forward to that, just hanging out with the kids and giving them the love they lack that they really need.
I am really craving

A nice creamy rich smoothie
I wish
I had natural hair. My hair is permed, and though I like it like that, it's not as long as I wish it would be, and my hair is thin with this funny brownish colour that sucks. Anyway I wish I could rock a fro, and try out weird things with it like her
check out lecoil
I hope
my life can stop taking this complicated twists and turns when it comes to men. The things I dread seem to happen and the things I yearn may pan out, but with it just comes more disappointment. I had decided to just focus on me, and I am trying to do that, but these boys will not let me!
Today's inspirational quote is
'All great art is the work of the whole living creature, body and soul, and chiefly the soul.'

How is your TGIFriday going? Come on, dish!!
Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

xxx V xxx

Post number 30

Since August I have been documenting the utter nonsense that floats around in my mind. So far its been fun, and it has been really cool getting feedback from my loyal readers i have loyal readers!! how cool is that!!?!
Thank you very much for reading!
Even though I started blogging years ago, now is when I have really grown to love it. I like writing, and I hope one day to make a career out of it, so I think this is a great start and good practise till I get my lucky break.
This morning is kinda kicking my ass, despite the fact that the sun is shining really bright even though its El Nino. I discovered something today, I really do not like how small this world is. This information I have discovered today, kinda changes things, okay but not really but it may be significant suspense MUHAHAHA!!
I think I am also too paranoid for my own good dang!! Sometimes I think that I am the cause of some people's actions, even though there is no way I could be involved! I dunno if its being self centered or too paranoid anyhooo I will just try not to think about it.
So on Monday I finished reading 'Act like a lady, think like a Man' by Steve Harvey

This book is so enlightening, Steve Harvey for president!! I advice every woman to get yourself a copy because it will definitely change the way you think and act when it comes to relations with men.
According to the book, men are simple. Men are driven by who they are, what they do and how much they make.
So how do you know that a man loves you? Through the 3 Ps: Profess, Protect and Provide. He will let the whole world know he loves you, he will protect you in the best way he can, and he will always provide for you.
Women, what do men need? Love, Support and Cookies nookie Love your man and be loyal to him, always have his back, and every man needs sex from his woman.
He goes on to categorise women into 2: Sport fish and a keeper. A sport fish is a throw back, a woman a man really does not want to keep, while a keeper is a woman a guy can envision settling down with.
That is just a brief summary about what this book is about, but I promise you that once your done reading this book you will have set standards for yourself when it comes to dealing men, and you will be able to identify men who are just in it for the sex, or the serious, genuine dudes. I am actually excited to put what I have learnt into practise.

I also watched 'He's just not that into you' yesterday. I was skeptical about it, because I did not like the effects the book had on me. But the movie had a star studded cast, and I had heard a lot of raving reviews about it so I decided to give it a chance.
First up I think this is the first movie where Justin Long is actually hot and not a nerdy geek who cannot get any girls!
Anyway his character in the movie gives some splendid advice, most importantly, that if a guy wants to date you, he do EVERYTHING to make that happen!
I have definitely been schooled these past couple of days, and I have come to the conclusion that he is not that into me and that I am no sport fish! Even though I am dying to hear from him I am even dreaming about it!! I know it in my gut that I won't hear from him. I guess I must force myself to say good riddance and keep resolving not to fold!

xxx V xxx

Somali islamists whip women for wearing bras

View full story here

I caught a glimpse of this headline on the paper on Saturday and I was outraged!!! what the fuck?!!! Bras violate Islam by constituting a deception??!!! This Somali insurgent group need to be whipped and stoned or whatever!! what kind of neanderthal thinking is that? Then they command any woman they meet with firm breasts to take off their bras and shake their breasts aaargghh thinking about it just makes me so mad!
This is just a classic example of womens rights abuse, and degradation which just makes me sick.
Bras are an item of clothing used to cover, provide support, and yes lift the breasts. They restrain the breasts and minimize their movement during vigorous activities like running or exercise. Some women may use this functionality to give the illusion of firm perkiness, but for other women with full breasts, it is an essential functionality used to preventing drooping and to provide comfort.
Men will never understand how essential this item of clothing is to us women. Breasts hurt when there is vigorous movement involved, and there is lack of support. For some women with larger cup sizes, they even suffer from other conditions like back pain as a result of lack of proper support for their breasts. They may even resort to drastic measures like breast reduction just to make life easier. Case in point Queen Latifah.

These Somali Islamists bustards! are not only denying these women their rights, but they are also subjecting them to unnecessary pain.
Personally, sometimes I wish I could do without bras, they are uncomfortable, restrictive and sometimes they hurt like bras with underwires but the alternative is far much worse. So even with the threat of being whipped, I would rather wear them anytime.
Yes sometimes we may use them to get that extra lift, cleavage or extra cup but it is our bodies so we should be able to do whatever we want with them. whatever makes us feel good right ladies?
I feel like I am not articulating my point well enough, I really wish I could spike the drinks of those Islamist with Hormones the ones men take to grow boobs so that they can experience what having breasteses feels like, then we will see whether wearing bras deserves a whipping nkt!!


Thank God it's Friday!!!
Well the weather forecast for Nairobi is wet! wet! wet! El nino is upon us and that equals traffic, mud, wetness, flus, farming opportunities....
Anyhoooo TGIFridays is a post I will be doing every Friday to share my excitement about the end of yet another long week, and give you a chance to share your sentiments as well. I have to acknowledge that I have seen this in many other cool blogs and I thought it was such a cool idea. But I will come up with my own original trend, watch this space. So here it goes...


I am excited about
 getting payed wooohooo!!!. I am also meeting up with my two bestest friends in the evening so I am really looking forward to it. Oh and Keri Hilson is on Big Brother Africa 4 tonight so I will try not to miss it.
Today I am feeling
cold, it's raining cats and dogs. My head is also in pain, I got braided yesterday and my hair was really pulled, but on the flipside, I am looking faboosch!!
My funky friday theme song is
the song Will Ferrel sang at the end of the movie Step Brothers. I heard it today in the classical music set that was played on capital in the morning. It was so nice, and calming, I will definitely give classical music a chance, I really enjoyed it.

This weekend I
will be home alone!!! The parental unit are heading upcountry for the weekend. It's really no big deal, it is definitely potential for misbehaviour but we'l see what goes down. I also have to evangelise to strangers for my Miziz class imagine!! so I am looking forward to being ignored, brushed off, abused and funny reactions from the people I approach.

I am really craving
something meaty, like chicken or bacon, or why not the two of them together like this chicken wrapped with bacon?!

I wish
I had a car, I am really hating the daily commute in packed matatus, the long walk home from the stage to the house, having to leave the office after 7:30pm. With the onset of El nino, things will even get worse. I must renew my license and get over my vehicular phobia.
I hope
I win that competition when I call in. I dont know why I never win anything, so I am praying my luck changes.
Today's inspirational quote is
'You see things and say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were and say, "Why not?"

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

xxx V xxx


This whole new era thing is proving to be difficult.
I have so many questions running through my mind
What do I want?
What do I want from them? Will I be able to tell them?
Am I gonna loose out on a good thing?
I am always praying for zero activity on my cellphones because I am just avoiding situations that I do not want to deal with right now.
I have this theory that I am kinda psychic. There are times that I can think about someone and they just contact me but what happens frequently is when I dread meeting or hearing from someone and they just magically appear before me nkt! That happened today but it did not go so badly but still it wasn't welcomed nonetheless.
This one time a few years ago, I had a dream apparently dreamt is not a word?!  about the Chinese year of the rooster. I had never ever heard about that before so imagine my surprise when I turn on the TV and on CNN they were talking about China celebrating the new year of the rooster fuck!! I totally flipped out!
But after a while, I figured out that I must have heard about it while I slept with the radio on the previous night. It is the only logical explanation the only 1 I will accept!
Being psychic is not something I would like for myself unless I was only capable of foreseeing only good things.

On Tuesday, I entered an overloaded matatu, those big minibuses with graffiti and pictures of various celebrities and there was this one picture of Jesus laughing. He looked radiant, filled with joy and happiness, he looked beautiful. Why aren't all the depictions of Jesus like this? Every picture I see of him looks holy, solemn, sad, pensive, hurt. Maybe if Jesus was depicted looking more joyful, then more people would be drawn to him and want to follow him...

On another note, I am now registered as an African blogger woop! woop!! I think I have a goal now>>>> to make it to the top of the rankings of the best blogs in Africa. By reading this, you have made me one step closer to my goal :)

xxx V xxx

TPF3 Grand Finale

On Sunday I managed to get two tickets for the TPF3 grand finale, and I took my mummy for her birthday, and she was so stoked! She was a huge Alpha and TPF fun, I, not so much, I was pre-ocupied with more interesting things on tv like big brother and the movies Dish have to offer utilising my investment to the max!
So we got there at around 5:30pm and stood around in heels my poor feet till 7:00pm when they finally allowed us to access the dome. We got some great seats near the faculty so we had a fairly clear view.
I must say the cameras do not do Sheila Mwanyiga justice. She is so gorgeous in person and that purple dress was absolutely fabulous! Dr Mitch was looking very handsome, I do not know why people hate on him so much, I think he has a great personality, Gaetano is just overated just a bit. But I think I need to go to Uganda, clearly they have very charming, interesting men over there.

All the contestants came out for the finale, and they did a little number which was really cool.
I noticed Kenyans really have mad love for Debarl. Personally, he doesn't move me, I thought he was kinda creepy, boring, and I honestly think that Ng'ang'a has better vocals than Debarl. Just compare his rendition of Nameless's - Deadly and Ngang'a's version of Chuki by Wyre seriously?!

I never got why Kenyans suddenly lost favour for Patricia Kihoro, the pretty girl with the amazing vocal talent. She had to choose between two Kenyans, so she chose Ng'ang'a. Everyone thinks she was malicious for not choosing Debarl because he was the stronger contestant, to an extent it may be true, but she had to make a decision.
Turns out saving Ng'ang'a was to her detriment and he emerged 1st runners up in the competition. I am so sure if she did not pick Supalito she would still have been hated on either way.
Her performance during the finale was good, but not as electric as everyone elses. But you should have seen her catwalking like she was a runway model every time she walked on and off the stage. Madam there is no need to feel sucrose, you were number 4!!!
When all the contestants first came out, I was shocked to see Caroline blandly dressed in black pants and a shimmery top, which looked less glamouras then all the other ladies.
But when she performed Afro, it finally dawned on my mother and I that she chose that attire for a reason.

These Ugandan lady is definitely a great performer. She can shake that booty like a nonsense, all the men were just transfixed on her ass.

I was surprised that Alpha did not choose to sing a Reggae song during the finale, and I think it was a good idea because we all think that is the genre which he is best suited at.

Ian was put on the 'spot' by Mitch to sing since he always judges but never sings but we all know it was so planned! I think he has a very nice strong voice so I was extremely impressed.

So the time of reckoning came, and it was time to announce the final results

I knew it in my gut that Patricia would come in fourth place, she lost favour with the audience and they let her pay for it which was sad because to be honest, she was the strongest of them all vocally. Just admit it! She tried to maintain her composure after the announcement, plastering a smile on her face as hard as she could, I could not helo but feel sorry for her. Apparently so did the people from KDN felt the same way because they later rewarded her with a Toshiba Laptop. Marathana also offered her a voucher for counselling which she will definitely need when she realizes how people feel about her.

Caroline came in at 3rd place, I was shocked she even won Patricia muhahahaha!  and she got a bunch of great prizes which included a recording deal, laptop, internet, medical cover and free counselling.

When the time came to announce the winner, I honestly had no idea who would win because they both had very good chances of winning. But Alpha took the cup and emerged victorious and I think he totally deserved it.

Alpha is so humble, I am sure all of you who voted for him found that he was very worthy and deserving.

I had a great time at the show, but I still think the grand finale of the first TPF rocked more. They had a bevy of artists who surprised the contestants by singing with them, I thought that was amazing, and even though I watched it on TV I was still very entertained.
I hope they will have more in store for us on the next season of Tusker Project Fame.

My apologies for the fuzzy pics, flashes are not allowed during filming

xxx V xxx

Nourtney Curtado

I have always thought that Nelly Furtado and Courtney Cox- Arquette have an uncanny resemblance.



Turns out even Demi Moore looks like she sipped from the same gene pool. They all have beautiful long raven locks, intense penetrating eyes, and beautiful bone structures. Gorgeous!!
I heart Nelly Furtado's music, it is just so unique and cool.
Monica was actually my least favorite Friends character because the rest were way cooler, but she was still part of one of the greatest shows ever so I had nothing against her. She was so ruthless in Dirt, now I can't wait to check her out in Cougar Town.
As for Mrs. Kutcher, I cannot say she has made any particular impact in my life, but that husband of hers is really swell. hot!