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Thank God it's Friday!!!
Well the weather forecast for Nairobi is wet! wet! wet! El nino is upon us and that equals traffic, mud, wetness, flus, farming opportunities....
Anyhoooo TGIFridays is a post I will be doing every Friday to share my excitement about the end of yet another long week, and give you a chance to share your sentiments as well. I have to acknowledge that I have seen this in many other cool blogs and I thought it was such a cool idea. But I will come up with my own original trend, watch this space. So here it goes...


I am excited about
 getting payed wooohooo!!!. I am also meeting up with my two bestest friends in the evening so I am really looking forward to it. Oh and Keri Hilson is on Big Brother Africa 4 tonight so I will try not to miss it.
Today I am feeling
cold, it's raining cats and dogs. My head is also in pain, I got braided yesterday and my hair was really pulled, but on the flipside, I am looking faboosch!!
My funky friday theme song is
the song Will Ferrel sang at the end of the movie Step Brothers. I heard it today in the classical music set that was played on capital in the morning. It was so nice, and calming, I will definitely give classical music a chance, I really enjoyed it.

This weekend I
will be home alone!!! The parental unit are heading upcountry for the weekend. It's really no big deal, it is definitely potential for misbehaviour but we'l see what goes down. I also have to evangelise to strangers for my Miziz class imagine!! so I am looking forward to being ignored, brushed off, abused and funny reactions from the people I approach.

I am really craving
something meaty, like chicken or bacon, or why not the two of them together like this chicken wrapped with bacon?!

I wish
I had a car, I am really hating the daily commute in packed matatus, the long walk home from the stage to the house, having to leave the office after 7:30pm. With the onset of El nino, things will even get worse. I must renew my license and get over my vehicular phobia.
I hope
I win that competition when I call in. I dont know why I never win anything, so I am praying my luck changes.
Today's inspirational quote is
'You see things and say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were and say, "Why not?"

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

xxx V xxx


nkirdizzle said...

My luck has changed!!! I won a palmers hamper!! though it wasnt the prize i was gunning for, im still stoked either way :)

missliciouss said...

I am excited about

world International kissing day tomorrow (cn i get a hala)woohoo have a date altho it started out as a joke wonder how the day will turn out hmmmm...n to mention am nervous as hell....

Today am feeling

bubbly in good moods its been a gud day so far could only get better i mean wen my bestest friends r in the mix wat else can one expect
This weekend
am one step to quitting something crossing my fingers all goes well...

My funky friday song is

amukira gatho by ruth wamuyu yeah heard it in the jav mixes jana an cant get enuff plus the dance moves r easy to follow so yay for me :P
I am really craving

mutura yeah thats wat am talking about!!!

I wish

Bowwow would shout me a hala even on twitter bana am already following him wat more does he want?!

I hope

and pray the rest of my month is a blessed one!

peace out ya'll :-* :-*

nkirdizzle said...

thanks misslicious!! i totally forgot about world kiss day. since u may have someone to kiss, get ready to pucker up :-*

Tricia said...

Love the post. I so feel u on the braids thing..that was me last Sato. I wish i had a car too,too much matatu drama.
What r Miziz classes again?

nkirdizzle said...

thanks. oops its Mizizi actually, its a 10 week class held by Mavuno church which helps people grow deeper in their faith.

GuitarGirl said...

Its not friday but its tuesday and its a holiday so...this is a really cool blog idea to get guys involved:)

on Friday I was excited about...guitar guy who is totally funny and sweet and perfect...hee hee but has a
today im excited about.....having my wallet back,yesterday was hard and also about the fact that coz of mizizi I get to see my bestest friends more than once a month

on friday i was feeling...pms-y:) sad and happy and teary..but the evening turned all that around and twas a fab day at the end
today im feeling...sombre..not sad jus sombre and a little jazzed at myself...I CAN PLAY THE FIRST CHORD OF OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU ON THE GUITAR!!smiles..its a good day:)

i wish I had listened to Lupe Fiasco sooner!!hip hop is not dead!!that and that guitar boy was single:)

i hope I get a hot new dress next week.and shoes wud be a good plus...

my tasty tuesday/funky friday song is SUNSHINE by Lupe Fiasco!!:)

i am craving..a vanilla shake and a chocolate muffin from dormans

they r all mixed up but u hav the low down...

Happy Kenyatta day!!!xoxo

nkirdizzle said...

guitar girl you!! lol! ati this is not a real site dot com lol!! it actually opens a site!!
yes lupe fiasco has always rocked, so give other hip hoppers a chance!! congrats for ur guitar progress!!

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