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Yesterday a million things were running around in my head that I needed to blog about, but now I'm almost blank almost.
Anyway these thoughts particularly weighed on my mind my grammar is going to the dogs fyi:
I met him, got to know him, and kinda started liking him. Then, communication was reduced to a minimum, and all the deal breakers I had noticed could no longer be ignored. + emotional men scare me. I thought he had also gotten bored just like me, but now all of u sudden, he's interested again i think telling me all these things, and I'm just shrugging them off kinda because I dunno if I can be more than his friend, and I do not wanna lead him on aaaarrggghhhh If this was happening like last week, before I knew what I know now, then I would have been more excited rather than panicky.
I met another him, cute, sweet, ambitious, and my over active imagination was already going ahead of itself and conjuring up a future for us I never do that usually. So he left the province, haven't seen him since August, got bored, and thats where I am at now, waiting to see what happens when he comes back. It's Wednesday now, i'm still not surprised. If he was giving me fake promises of pudding remember that facebook application called superlatives? I will not be amused at all, and will never take anything he says seriously.
So before I had no idea who I was leaning towards, now that I do, it doesn't seem so feasible bummer
I think some of these things I wish them on myself. It's easier when I am just dealing with my family and friends. These maneno for boys.....

Peep these shoes i stumbled upon on the net:

I would never in my right mind wear those. What happens if I need to take off my shoes when entering someone's house? I would have to walk around pantsless??
I think the jeans would look really cool if they weren't attached to sneakers.

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Anonymous said...

those sneakers are weird...

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