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Nonsensical Issues

Thank God for blogs, its a nice public, open avenue to bitch and vent without a care in the world!!
I am definitely having Monday Moods today, so many things are weighing down on me. When I think about them, they may seem like the lamest things ever so many people have it far worse but I do not care, in my world, my problems are a big deal regardless of how meager they may seem.
First up this weather just blows, it is still very gloomy, then sunny, then gloomy, can it freaking make up it's mind already?
This is my final week at work, my contract ends on Saturday, and I am unsure about my future here. My future does not look so bleek, but I would really love some stability in my life, I am not feeling this contract thing. My dad is really hustling me to give him my CV to distribute and stuff, he is a marketer, and good at his job he was a cop, and good at his job....renegade lol Anyway he really is good at marketing me as a potential employee. The weird thing is the more he urges me to look for a job, the less I feel like doing it. Call it defiance I dunno why I do it, but clearly I will have to give in by the end of this week.
To be honest I would not mind getting a break, all I get is weekends and that totally sucks since I do not have any leave days :( But the bad thing is I have debts, I owe people gifts, I have many things to buy from my wish list aaarrrghhhhh I wanna be a kid again this adult life is hard!
Today the men aren't really on my mind, which is good because it seems their significance is really dwindling when it comes to the sitcom known as my life. I have come to the conclusion that my significance in their own lives has also clearly reduced but whatever, right now it does not feel like a big deal.
But today there is the great debate, to go see one of them, where one of the others will be there? or to avoid that situation all together..... hhmmmm I dunno. It is a catch 22 of some sort. I had promised I would see him, but should I just ask him if he will be there or just wait for him to ask again? And if I go and run into the other guy with that stalker psycho, what is gonna go down? Talking about this is a mistake even so let me stop there.
Some other nonsensical issues that I have today, I seem to be peeing in intervals of 40 minutes and I am fucking tired of it. And no I do not have a disease, my body just gets rid of toxins faster than the average person :p
I have no idea what I will have for lunch today do not laugh, its a big deal!! My office is located at a horrible location so not so many restaurants are near here, and I did not order for lunch from the mandazi guy. But I think I will just dash to the supermarket across the highway and buy yoghurt and cereals, I really enjoyed it last time.
My hair is only a week and some days old, and I hate it already! I keep getting mixed reactions about it, but regardless, it is getting tangled, and I am just not feeling it. But I am stuck with it for the next month or so, so Im just gonna suck it up!
I really miss my friends, a whole lot :(
I think airing out my trivial issues is really making me feel better :)

I found this picture on flicker and it is really calming. I wish I could somehow find myself at the beach down at the coast.
Anyway thank you for listening, and if your having the Monday Blues as well, maybe you can share your remedy for how to beat it. Cheerio

xxx V xxx


sweetnnice said...

My dear, issues are issues and weighed according to someone's circumstances, dont ever belittle them when they need to be solved.

I am sorry about the monday blues, you need cheering up?

As for the men and the job, be easy . . relax, get your head calm and everything will be easy peasy . .

And . . owing people gifts is not a debt . . . your friends should understand when things are thick and take your homemade birthday cards as more precious tha gold. . .

nkirdizzle said...

my days ok, its not gotten worse so far so at least!!
as for the birthday gifts, im the one who feels indebted so i wanna deliver whenever i can to get it outta the way.
hopefully things will be easy peasy like u say..

Tricia said...

Hey dear,
Hope leo things are okay or better. It musta bee everywhere coz yesterday i was also feeling like the weather was playing tricks on me..
Time..give everything time, the whole order and job situation, everything will eventually fall in place and you are right even though other people are in worse situations, ours matters, we can't down play it coz its our life and it does affect us..
Hope everything works out for you.

I love the pic..and have a great week.:)

nkirdizzle said...

hey :)
todays been a rollercoster of a day but its been good all in all. way better than yesterday! I have decided to just let things be and let God decide what his plan for me is.
have a great day as well. TC

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