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Somali islamists whip women for wearing bras

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I caught a glimpse of this headline on the paper on Saturday and I was outraged!!! what the fuck?!!! Bras violate Islam by constituting a deception??!!! This Somali insurgent group need to be whipped and stoned or whatever!! what kind of neanderthal thinking is that? Then they command any woman they meet with firm breasts to take off their bras and shake their breasts aaargghh thinking about it just makes me so mad!
This is just a classic example of womens rights abuse, and degradation which just makes me sick.
Bras are an item of clothing used to cover, provide support, and yes lift the breasts. They restrain the breasts and minimize their movement during vigorous activities like running or exercise. Some women may use this functionality to give the illusion of firm perkiness, but for other women with full breasts, it is an essential functionality used to preventing drooping and to provide comfort.
Men will never understand how essential this item of clothing is to us women. Breasts hurt when there is vigorous movement involved, and there is lack of support. For some women with larger cup sizes, they even suffer from other conditions like back pain as a result of lack of proper support for their breasts. They may even resort to drastic measures like breast reduction just to make life easier. Case in point Queen Latifah.

These Somali Islamists bustards! are not only denying these women their rights, but they are also subjecting them to unnecessary pain.
Personally, sometimes I wish I could do without bras, they are uncomfortable, restrictive and sometimes they hurt like bras with underwires but the alternative is far much worse. So even with the threat of being whipped, I would rather wear them anytime.
Yes sometimes we may use them to get that extra lift, cleavage or extra cup but it is our bodies so we should be able to do whatever we want with them. whatever makes us feel good right ladies?
I feel like I am not articulating my point well enough, I really wish I could spike the drinks of those Islamist with Hormones the ones men take to grow boobs so that they can experience what having breasteses feels like, then we will see whether wearing bras deserves a whipping nkt!!


Sultana said...

Lol, and I thought bras were supposed to hold everything together...hence more 'decent'. No?

nkirdizzle said...

yeah me too!! but apparently they like them drooping, and spilling over..

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