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Thank God its Friday!!!!
Yup! Yup!! Its Friday! LESDODIS let's do this!
I am excited about
seeing my cousins today. It has been sooo long since I saw them and visited them at their house so I have really missed them and I cannot wait to catch up with them.
Today I am feeling
 The weather is still all gloomy, and my mood kinda matches it for no reason in particular.
My Funky Friday Theme Song is
Everything, everyday by Fabulous feat Miss Keri Baby! Great song, I just love this woman, she totally rocks, her music is great and after watching her on Big Brother last week, she seems very humble.

My 2nd theme song yeah today i have 2! is So Special by Mavado! This song just takes me back to this crazy night out wit my friends which started off at Trackers, it was my first time there that was I think in May or June, we made like 2 rounds to Prestige for some alcohol. I actually do not drink but that night I succumbed to peer pressure. We went for some lame house party at Mimosa, it was so boring, we stayed there like for a minute. Then of course, the final destination was Westlands where we parking lot pimped at the Qs car park drinking VAT 69 yuck never again!! So me and the girls I was kicking it with needed to peee so we started singing 'I'm so pressed' in the so special tune ha! ha! ha! Mad fun times!
This weekend I
am going to spread God's love to some wonderful kids tomorrow with the rest of my Mizizi classmates. I am really looking forward to that, just hanging out with the kids and giving them the love they lack that they really need.
I am really craving

A nice creamy rich smoothie
I wish
I had natural hair. My hair is permed, and though I like it like that, it's not as long as I wish it would be, and my hair is thin with this funny brownish colour that sucks. Anyway I wish I could rock a fro, and try out weird things with it like her
check out lecoil
I hope
my life can stop taking this complicated twists and turns when it comes to men. The things I dread seem to happen and the things I yearn may pan out, but with it just comes more disappointment. I had decided to just focus on me, and I am trying to do that, but these boys will not let me!
Today's inspirational quote is
'All great art is the work of the whole living creature, body and soul, and chiefly the soul.'

How is your TGIFriday going? Come on, dish!!
Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

xxx V xxx


Tricia said...

I'm excited about getting time to rest and seeing him.
Today I'm feeling kinda moody or ish ish...i don't know wassup.
My funky Friday theme song...let me see, no song in my head today...But I'll be listening to Mary J. Blige in awhile.. i miss her music.
This weekend I'll meet up with an old childhood friend..y am i nervous about it?
I'm really craving pizza!missed Terrific Tuesday :(
I wish i could go somewhere to really relax, i need a vacation.
I hope one day I'll look back at today and laugh at myself.
My quote for the day or verse; 'Now faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not yet seen.' Heb 11:1

Nkiro i wish i had my natural hair too, its really think and black and so much on top of my head, i really miss it.
Have a great weekend dear!

nkirdizzle said...

@Tricia I dunno wasup with today, it doesnt feel like a friday at all.
i'd kill for pizza or some sorta meat!!
have a fab friday and a lovely weekend dear!

Anonymous said...

First of all you have to teach me how to make a blog look this good !
Halafu - your mojo girl ! You write what- three posts a day? I wish I could do that.
Enjoy the time with the kiddies gal- that is something awesome to be doing with your time :)

nkirdizzle said...

There is a link at the bottom of my blog page called blogger templates, check it out, it has enuf templates.
ha ha ha 3 posts a day? i wish lol.
i had an amazing time with the kids, they are so adorable, we ate mob, played with them and jumped on a trampoline so it was awesome!

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