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Its the first day of October and I wanna start a new trend on my blog to reflect about the past month on the first day of every new month.

September highlights
The first weekend of September rocked, went for a fun birthday party at Alfajiri and I had such a blast with great company, met some awesome people, that night just rocked. The next day went for a BBQ with the same great company and it was really nice getting to know him and just kicking it. The day after that, went for the rally at kajiado, got some major sunburn, but got to hang wit people I hadn't seen in a long time.

I finally moved on from feeling guilty about not inviting some people for my graduation bash in July, I have like the worst guilty conscience ever but now at least I do not feel so badly off since I think I have been forgiven.

I joined the current season of Mizizi and I think it was like the best decision ever even though at first I was very skeptical about it. My relationship with God is definitely growing stronger and is being renewed day by day and for that I feel truly blessed.

I paid for dish this month, with my own money woi!! My pockets definitely suffered a huge blow but I'm loving and utilising every minute of it.

I have started working on my jewellery again :) My fingers hurt like crazy but the stuff I am making is just phenomenal I must say.

September downsides
I went from being confused by two men to ... I do not even know right now. I am the one now who is confusing myself, I really need to get my act together. Those dudes need to get their act together as well, I am not gonna chase anyone by the way.
I live by the dumbest rules when it comes to men and at this rate, I learnt yesterday that I will end up being the loser.
It was his birthday on Monday and I totally forgot about it because I was busy being proud and refusing to get in touch because I halad last. In the beginning of the month I was totally focused on figuring out what I would do for his birthday and then I forget about it. I suck ass. I apologised, and he doesn't think it is a big deal, but I still feel badly about it.

Many young people have been dying this month, and their deaths are alcohol and speeding related. It is sad that such young, promising lives have been cut short because of the pints and the dunda. For some strange reason, I no longer have syk to rave or club and I am happy because clearly its most likely gonna end up in tragedy.

My cousin passed away overseas, I do not have the details of the cause of death, but the most tragic part about it was she died alone, and the only reason her death was discovered was because her body had started decaying. Thinking about it just kills me, no one deserves to die like that with no one even checking up on you or whatever. May her soul rest in eternal peace, for sure she had gone to a better place.

Many people are going through such tough times right now, and it kills me that there is nothing I can do to help them out of their situation, but I will pray for them, and try my best to be there for them in anyway that I can.

September discoveries
I used to have this major crush on this guy, but I got over it, and I am happy to report that despite the fact that we still talk and stuff, I just like him as a friend which is so cool because that crush had began bordering obsession.

I LOVE smoothies smoodhies. My cousin and I were like on a smoothie spree at her house during the long Idd weekend and they were soo delish. We can definitely give Java a run for their money because ours are the shit! I now love bananas, before I wasn't much of a fan.

My faith in the power of prayer has been renewed thanks to Mizizi.

What I look forward to in October
It's my mummy's birthday this month woop woop, I need to think of something nice to do for her because she is totally awesome. Love you mum.

He is coming back at the end of the month finally so I am just wondering how things will be when he returns. Don't wanna get my hopes up.

My contract ends this month, wonder what will happen next...

Kenyatta day is on a Tuesday woohoo but boooo What I like about this month is my schedule is absolutely free, I am so stoked about that, it has been a crazy year!

What were your highlights, downsides, discoveries of September? and what do you look forward to in this brandspanking new month?

xxx V xxx



Sultana said...

So sorry for your cousin. That's really sad. Yay for October!

nkirdizzle said...

aaaww thank you!! woop! woop! its October!!

sweetnnice said...

you dont know how excited i am that you joined mizizi. . I really hope it turns out super for you.
As for the boys glad you are over that.

It is sad that so many people are dying due to drinking and driving. And your cousin, whoa, my condolences to the family.

nkirdizzle said...

yeah Mizizi is super cool, im glad i joined it as well.
thanks for the condolences. mwaah!!

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