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This whole new era thing is proving to be difficult.
I have so many questions running through my mind
What do I want?
What do I want from them? Will I be able to tell them?
Am I gonna loose out on a good thing?
I am always praying for zero activity on my cellphones because I am just avoiding situations that I do not want to deal with right now.
I have this theory that I am kinda psychic. There are times that I can think about someone and they just contact me but what happens frequently is when I dread meeting or hearing from someone and they just magically appear before me nkt! That happened today but it did not go so badly but still it wasn't welcomed nonetheless.
This one time a few years ago, I had a dream apparently dreamt is not a word?!  about the Chinese year of the rooster. I had never ever heard about that before so imagine my surprise when I turn on the TV and on CNN they were talking about China celebrating the new year of the rooster fuck!! I totally flipped out!
But after a while, I figured out that I must have heard about it while I slept with the radio on the previous night. It is the only logical explanation the only 1 I will accept!
Being psychic is not something I would like for myself unless I was only capable of foreseeing only good things.

On Tuesday, I entered an overloaded matatu, those big minibuses with graffiti and pictures of various celebrities and there was this one picture of Jesus laughing. He looked radiant, filled with joy and happiness, he looked beautiful. Why aren't all the depictions of Jesus like this? Every picture I see of him looks holy, solemn, sad, pensive, hurt. Maybe if Jesus was depicted looking more joyful, then more people would be drawn to him and want to follow him...

On another note, I am now registered as an African blogger woop! woop!! I think I have a goal now>>>> to make it to the top of the rankings of the best blogs in Africa. By reading this, you have made me one step closer to my goal :)

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Tricia said...

Lovely post. I feel u on the braids,that was me last weekend. I wish i had a car too,too much matatu drama, seat belts and all.
What is Miziz class again? Bt i've done the evangelising thing,stms its discouraging.

nkirdizzle said...

the evangelising actually went well, we were only brushed off by one person, otherwise it was easy breezy

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