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I wanna do bad things with you

After watching true blood you will definitely want to do bad things with anyone WEG wicked evil grin Everywhere on the net I kept on hearing about twilight, new moon, true blood, vampire diaries, and I was really wondering what was behind all the hype about vampires. There have been dozens of movies and serieses about vampires, so why were people excited all of a sudden?
I really was not moved because honestly, all vampire storylines are practically like the same in my opinion. Anyhoo this weekend I got my hands on True blood and I absolutely love it.
First up Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) is just gorgeous, I love her gap mwanya I used to have a small one once upon a time, but thanks to retainers, I lost my gap :(
I was surprised that the characters had that western texan accent, I never expected that at all. It just goes to show just how talented these actors are. Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) is actually British and Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is Australian but they totally nail the accent.
From the get go you can just see the chemistry between Sookie and Bill is simply electrifying! The sparks can start a fire!

It is definitely no surprise that these two are engaged in real life, because that intensity cannot be faked.
So the basic storyline revolves around Sookie, a pretty waitress at Sam's bar. She meets Bill, a vampire and they fall for each other to the dismay of the entire community. Her bestfriend Tara and her boss Sam are both against the idea of her fraternising with a dead blood sucker but for totally different reasons. Tara is afraid for Sookie's safety and well being, while Sam in addition has been habouring feelings for Sookie for the longest time.
Jason is Sookie's manwhore of a brother who shags anything that moves. Lately the women he sleeps with end up dying and making him the chief suspect.
Lafayette is like my best character. He is Tara's ghetto fabulous gay cousin who peddles all kinda drugs including V. V is vampire blood which gives users 'life'. I love Lafayette, he looks so gorgeous in makeup, and he has the prettiest toe nails. But when he decides to suite up, he really cleans up nice and looks so handsome.

After watching True blood, I discovered that I would definitely offe rmyself to a vampire lol. I have just gotten a few episodes of Vampire Diaries so I cant wait to check it out.
True blood is definitely a must watch so find a way of getting your hands on it!

xxx V xxx


Manju said...

Team ERICCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!! XD
wait till you see season 2, you'll cross over to team Eric as well haha.
As Lafayette would say 'He is sex on a stick' ;)

Manju said...

and oh yes, i did notice that. Butler looked a bit 'bloated' didn't he? maybe he put on a bit of weight. shame, coz he was so fine in the other 2 movies

nkirdizzle said...

Eric is fwyyyyyn! I also think he is very hot!! I dunno why I like spoilers, but I saw a pic of him and Sookie looking all cozy or something :( he should not ruin things for her and Bill.
As for Gerard, did you see his stomach when he was in the tub of jello with the twins? what happened to the 6 pack from 300? that movie gave us unrealistic expectations of him!! I hope he looks better in that movie he did with Jennifer Aniston.

Sultana said...

lol, what a coincidence, i was just talking about TB on my blog! Lafayette doesnt play! I love him for that. But Bill...Oh Bill, I would gladly let him turn me into a vampire...hahahahaha

nkirdizzle said...

Yup yup, vampires seem to be extremely sexy, i'd also offer myself without any hesitation :)

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