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Manic Monday in the making

Its monday morning and i am experiencing the repurcussions of a mad fun weekend! My head hurts because of lack of sleep, and i can feel the onset of a bad cough coming on. I am starting to think i am allergic to fun late night activities because i was sick last month already, i had a flu vaccine shot in June God dammit!! why the hell is this happening?!!

anyway considering all the stuff i did during the weekend, i am not surprised. On friday i went for a party with my friends and it totally rocked. I met this guy that i really like and it was great spending time with him, plus he looked so nyum, like a tall serving of chocolate deliciousness. I also met my ex who i am glad to report has no effect on me whatsoever. I said hello, he came to talk to me for a few minutes to apologise for our last run in which was not as pleasant, then he left me alone which was all easy breezy.

The next day, went for a bbq with mr chocolate, which was cool, i am getting really good at this going on dates thing i must say, it was easy breezy. I had 2 other parties to go for and i managed to make it for all of them so at least i did not dissappoint anyone again.

I think i am growing old, I am honestly getting tired of westlands, same ol people, same music, i really need a break, or some new scenery!! My friends kept on asking me why i seemed to look bored, which i was actually but i did not wanna admit it.

The surprising event of saturday night was that a friend of mine who i can only stand in small doses, actually ended up making my night. We danced with him and i had such a blast even though my legs hurt like crazy. Yaani i am evening getting too tired to dance which is like one of the major reasons i go out in the first place!! I ended up leaving early that night, as in before the sun rose, which is something i rarely do. Then when i got home, the mbotches phone was off so i could not get into the house. Luckily my neighbour was home alone so i went to sleep at his house, slept in the same bed with his friend who i used to have a crush on when i was 9 years old. He was such a gentleman which i really appreciated, nothing happened at all.

Went for the rally jana after almost more than ten years, i had fun because i was with many of my crazy friends, dancing on top of vans and drinking themselves silly lol, but it was not as fun as it used to be when i was a kid.

Now i am in the office, trying to remember what work i was meant to do, and trying to motivate myself to do it, but after the ndao guy comes and i have a cup of extra strong black coffee because i am not seeing how i am hacking this day without an energy boost of some sort.

xxx V xxx


sweetnnice said...

SI i love your template for the blog . . And this post. . Sounds to me like someone need a break or something new to get their mind occupied. A boy perhaps?
Glad you are loving the dating scene, i hear its awesome . .enjoy yourself while it lasts, he he.

Anonymous said...

thank u :)
Naah no need for men, they are already occupying too much of my thoughts, i just need some good RnR!

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