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Baby boom

Forget Fendi, Gucci, Louis V, babies are the new handbags this season. So many women are preggers right now!! I think its something in the water, or people get really randy during Christmas. That explains the extremely large number of people born in September.
A friend of mine gave birth this week, and we went to see her baby, he is such a cutie, no wonder they are called bundles of joy. Is it just me who calls babys 'it' even after they are born?
I held the baby for like ten minutes and my hands were already tired, and I started wondering how the hell women hack carrying almost 4 kgs of baby in their womb. It must be so exhausting!
I remember as a kid, from like standard 2, I was deathly afraid of pregnancy after witnessing labour on tv, I was so traumatised. I remember one scene from E.R when a women walked into the emergency room, and her baby just ponyokad from her womb and fell to the floor so she was just standing their with her baby on the floor still connected to her by the umbilical cord (I heard someone on radio calling it um-by-lical)
This year I know a couple of women who gave birth or are still preggers, and I think I have learnt to appreciate and kinda look forward to the whole experience.
Pregnant woman look so beautiful, I finally see the whole glow people talk about, it does exist. I witnessed the weird cravings, did you know Nakumat actually sells baked clay? thus reducing the need for pregnant women picking and eating stones from the ground. The baked clay still tastes wack, but if you witness someone munching on it you would think it is like the nyummiest candy ever NOT!!
My friend was adviced to eat plenty of dates by her doctor, and thanks to her, I love the stuff and before I could not even finish a single date!! You should see her baby, he has a full head of hair. When i'm preggers i'll be eating like a packet a day!
I really wonder how it feels when a baby kicks in your womb, that is one thing I would love to experience. But I am still deathly afraid of labor labour? and from what I heard, it can go on for days even no thank you!
I want me some Ceasarian Section please.
I also wonder, for those women with navel piercings, what happens when they are pregnant? and what happens if they need a C-section?
I do not know how much truth their is to this, but I heard it is not advisable for women to get tattoos on their abdomens, because if they get pregnant, their skin streches, and after giving birth, the loose skin ruins the tattoo, is their any truth to it?
To be honest, all these women and all the adorable babies I have been seeing lately are really making me want one not now, but in good time.

Peep my new hits counter on your left, that is exactly how elated I feel every time I discover some one has read my blog :)

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Sultana said...

Yay for babies!. I love babies. :D Baked clay and dates, its the iron. It's realy important especially when you are pregnant.

nkirdizzle said...

Yeah she was kinda anaemic. I was watching Baby Mama and Amy Poehler's character was going on labor and she thought it felt like 'shitting knives' lol

Anonymous said...

I have been meeting people my age with babies this month, last week alone i went to visit two babies, it's a baby boom for people in their twenties for real! They are so adorable but labor..warrrrrrr! But C-Section is ill-advised unless in special cases, go normal girl...apparently the pain ends immediately the baby comes out :-)

nkirdizzle said...

yeah your so right, so many chics are preggers, im starting to think it's something in the water or something

sweetnnice said...

As for the tatoos, tatoos on the lower back and tummy stretch when pregnant, and it gets deformed during the process. Not good. I dont know bout the navel ring though.

nkirdizzle said...

I dnt know the skin at the back stretch as well. and why is a c-section not advisable?

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