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Yesterday i watched a snippet of some local talk show where they were talking about asking someone who you are about to get intimate with to get tested for HIV/AIDS. The relationship expert featured on the show talked about how women are more open to talk about their sexual history, but men are usually not as open because if they were to disclose at the beginning of the relationship that for example they were married, it would be an immediate deal breaker. He also went on to add that if you asked the man to get tested he would most probably hit the road!
Everyone knows that HIV/AIDS exist, but people do not seem to understand just how real it is unless someone who is close to them has the disease.
Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth. (Wikipedia)
This experiment was suggested to prove that the population of the earth is closer together now than they have ever been before according to Karinthy who is considered to be the originator of this notion.
We see it every day as we interact with different people, how we all somehow end up knowing the same people one way or the other. Let's face it people, the world is shrinking, its becoming even smaller than a ball gum.
Have you seen the spare wheel print ad in the local dailys which is being used for the ' epuka mpango wa kando' or whatever its called, which shows the different ways that people are linked to each other? it really got me thinking.
How many times will you realise you and like three of your friends made out with the same guy or even worse slept with him?
or how many guys will hi five each other because they got some or they tapped the same chick?
Then what if you discover that someone who is connected to you in your human web gets infected with HIV/AIDS?? can you imagine the way it will spread through the web?? or even worse, make its way back to you?
I really do not know how i started thinking about it this way but I am now actually very scared!
My friend and I have always talked about going to VCT to get tested, maybe we should actually go through with it.
I was also wondering, so like when you have met that perfect someone, and you wanna become intimate, how do you go about asking the person to go get tested, without it coming off like you do not trust them? How do you broach the topic while making them understand that it's not them you do not trust, but their past sexual partners??
Damn, i miss being a young innocent child whose biggest worry was whether i would get to eat icecream after church :(

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