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My brand spanking new hobby

2 posts in a day! wow! Even I am amazed! Maybe it is because I have decided not to think about how long I have surfed today rather than work :p
Twitter is growing on me I must admit. Its exposed me to the network of Kenyan bloggers that upto now I had no idea existed. My blog list keeps growing daily as I discover brilliant, interesting blogs from an interesting crop of people.
I actually started blogging in I think the year 2006 there. The idea that I was kinda able to have my very own website for free really intrigued me until i learnt how to develop my own website. It was also a medium for me to showcase my works (I  make jewellery) and express my thoughts.
I kinda put it on the backside because of school, and facebook which really rots your mind and reduces the need for any other use for the internet.
Anyhoo thanks to twitter I discovered uber cool blogs and bloggers who inspired me to start a brand new blog, and keep inspiring me to keep writing.
The more blogs I read, the more I wanna get to know the faces behind the stories. It also made me realize I really suck at anonimity :) There must be some reason none of you do not want us to know who you are. ya'll have made me paranoid I am slowly trying to locate all the areas I have disclosed any details about my identity so if you noticed any of it, keep it to yourself :)
I will keep reading, and try to keep writing. For now I am still brainstorming on what 'tradition' I should start to sign off my blog posts with that will give you an indication of what's on my mind. Songs have been taken so will not go there, I have a few ideas like man candy of the day, or posting a picture of one of my jewellery pieces on every post but I'll keep brainstorming.
For my 3 followers gracious I really appreciate it. Thanks to my few readers, and all those who have taken time to comment on the things running through my mind.

xxx V xxx


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