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Because I said so

Due to my GIGO (garbage in garbage out) memory, i'm an avid fan of reruns. I can watch or read anything numerous times and still be very entertained. This particular weekend i was on a mission to just lounge in my bed and get reacquainted with my favourite movies and serii (is that the plural of series?)
For some reason, i decided i wanted to watch because i said so once again. The movie stars Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo...
Anyhoo, the movie revolves around Milly (Mandy Moore) a young lady who always seems to find the wrong men who are either old, married, or punks. As a result Daphne (Diane Keaton) her meddling mother is always busy interfering in her life. So Daphne creates a profile on a dating website searching for a life partner for Milly.
Thanks to her mother, Milly meets and gets involved with two gorgeous but very different men. Jason is an architect who is cultured and has travelled the world, while Johnny is a tattoed musician who is a single parent to a gorgeous little boy who asks women to show him their 'ginas'.
Anyway Milly goes ahead and dates both of them, but you can already tell she is happier with Johnny because when she is with him she can be herself, and he is just really amazing, while with Jason, she was really insecure about herself. Anyway she got to date two men at the same time, rip all the benefits, then she got busted. Johnny was furious when he found out she had been sleeping with another guy. Jason was easy breezy about it which was like the strangest thing. To cut a long story short, Milly dumped Jason after discovering he was her mothers pick from the dating ad, and she realised Johnny was of course the better option.
Anyway it was a very nice movie, an eye opener in fact....

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