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The razzle dazzle has fizzled out.....

A time like this last month, i was in euphoria. I had met two gorgeous guys and i was being showered with attention and so many compliments, and I was excited because of all the numerous possibilities these men promised. I was also starting to be guilt ridden because I'm pessimistic so all I could do was predict complications.
Now I am happy to report I am feeling guilt free, but all the excitement has faded away, with a very slim chance of a possibility with just one of them. I no longer foresee any quagmires arising since one of the factors in the equation it seems, is not a factor anymore.

The activities of this past week has really made me evaluate myself. First up, I cannot hack long distance, I can only stay so long without having you here with me, it is just too hard. Secondly, I think I get bored really fast, without excitement I loose interest, and without interest is it really worth the effort? 

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