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Fluu Shmuu Puuh

Since Monday my flu has just transcended from bad to worse, increased symptoms, and no sign of getting better. There must be a problem with my immune system for real, the whole natural healing thing doesn't seem to work on me. I have this terrible cough, a stuffed nose, paining sinuses, which has just brought on a lot of negativity.
My week has just been long and dreary, with lots of work, and nothing much to smile about. Right now I am trying to figure out what exactly is the real reason my week has sucked..
Fine i will just fess up, of course there is a man involved. I haven't really talked to him this week, even though i am itching to, but i am too proud, and i felt like i had been dismissed or something, i dunno. Anyway i hope he will hola soon, so that i can know if not talking to him is the reason why this week has sucked. I am hoping he is not the reason, because otherwise, houston we will have a problem.
This lack of communication just makes me wonder. After meeting up you would think things would become better not go backwards and become worse then when we met up.
At least this makes things easier for me, the quagmire is slowly diffusing if that makes any sense.. Now i can stop dreading September 20th and beyond since one of the complications is increasingly not becoming a factor in my life (unfortunately)
I have also come to realize long distance relationships are something i can't do. Okay i always knew i could not do it, but now i know for sure. No, i am not in a long distance relationship, but it is really hard to do anything with anyone who is miles away. Emails, calls, texts do not cut it. Video chats in my opinions would just even enhance your suffering because you can see them, talk to them, but you cannot touch them bleh! That sucks.
Does this post make any sense even?? Its this stupid flu arrgghhh, i am going to hospital today, this cannot continue....

xxx V xxx


POTASH said...

Pride... pffff! And you say you are hurting while all you need is to pick up that phone....?!

Anonymous said...

i did not have to pick up the phone coz i finally heard from him :)
i live by some dumb rules, if i holad last, its gonna take a lot for me to hola first, thats if we are still in that stage where no feelings have been revealed.
anyway my pride is gonna kick me in the ass soon, i have to learn how to overcome it before i fall!

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