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Sauti Sol - Mwanzo

Polycarp, Delvine, Baraza and Chimano are the extremely talented members of the group Sauti Sol.
The group originally started out as Sauti but they included Sol after they discovered that there was already another group going by that name i think from Uganda or something.
Delvine, Baraza and Chimano started singing while they were at upperhill high school, then they later linked up with Polycarp who is behind the acoustics. The guy has like magical fingers on the guitar, he is quite good and the shocking thing is, he taught himself how to play the guitar. Trust me that is not an easy fete, i tried teaching myself guitar, but my fingers hurt so bad, and i could not play a single tune, so i never got that far.
I went for one of their live shows on valentines day, and it was so awesome. These are one of those bands who sound exactly the same live as in their studio recorded records. My personal favourite is Baraza, his voice is simply just divine!! I really like the fact that this group is so harmonious unlike other bands, because all the singers contribute to the songs, there is no clearly defined lead singer, they are all in sync.
I got a copy of their album Mwanzo. The album cover is nice and simple, and the sleeve has the lyrics to all the songs featured in the album which i think was a great idea because their music is just great to sing along to. There is also a brief explanation of the inspiration behind most of the songs.
The album features 14 songs about mostly love, marriage, cops, Nairobi etc.
Lazizi is their most popular song which is receiving lots of air play on radio and on tv. I must admit it is my favorite song, I never seem to get tired of it at all. I also like sunny days its nice and easy.
I love Zosi, its such a lovely song, any woman would wish they were Zosi. Wera is just fun to sing along to, they sound so good in it.
Mama Papa features the musical stylings of Dela, an amazing female vocalist. The song has a slight reggae feel to it, and it is basically about Baraza (Bienne) and Della asking for their parents blessings. Its a great song.
Track number eight is blue uniform which is a song about our Kenyan Police force and we all know how they are.
I like Mapacha, it has a nice catchy tune, so does Mushivala which a song they've sang in vernacular, i think its luhya not too sure.
Nairobi is a show stopper featuring Stan. It has a nice tempo i really like it.
Those are the songs which really stood out in my opinion.
Mwanzo was produced by Wawesh of the Mjanja fame, and i think he did a fantastic job. I cant wait for them to release some new material.


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