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In my quest to try and understand the male species, I have done some reading, listened to peoples experiences, gossiped a bit ;) and experienced very little. I have now reached a point where I am just totally confused!! There are just so many contradictions that i just dunno anymore. Here is a bit of a run through.....
'He's just not that into you' which was written by the makers of sex and the city was a book I was really excited about the moment i heard about it. When i finally got my hands on it and read it, I was disappointed to say the least. I was left feeling dis-empowered and in fact far worse off than before i read the book! unfortunately, though I am an avid reader, my brain is like that of a computer, Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO). I do not remember every nitty gritty detail about the book, but I do remember the book had various scenarios which depicted whether a man was 'into you' or not. Like If a guy says he would call, and he doesn't then he is just not that into you. Or if your boyfriend goes on a trip and does not contact you the first chance he gets, then he is just not that into you. It had a lot of rubbish like that which I just did not agree with.
Now 'Why men don't listen and women cant read maps' is a far much better read. This book goes ahead to identify and explain the biological differences that define men and women and justify our behaviors and actions. I know many women really hate it when the man their with is busy drooling at other women right in front of them without any shame! Apparently men's vision focuses on one focal point (does that make any sense? lol) while women have wide vision, as a result men always get busted because they just stare openly as they focus on one thing, while we women are lucky enough to be able to stare without making it rather obvious. The book also goes on to explain the workings of the male and female brain, and how they differ etc. So this book basically just put my mind at ease because I got to understand myself as a women, and somehow I got a brief insight into the workings of men (I think i need to read this book again).
The most recent 'book' i read was called fascinating womanhood or something of the sort. Anyway the secrets to being a fascinating woman basically just involves accepting men the way they are, wholly and completely, while allowing them to take on their masculine role in the relationship, and taking on your female responsibilities as a woman. I found this particular read interesting because it had several real life scenarios which actually gives you hope that these 'secrets' may actually work.
Now that was just a brief play by play of what i've read. Now as for the lessons I have learnt from people's experiences, I think I have heard so many stories I cannot really sum it up so i'll just skip to my own personal experiences with men.
So how do you talk about your experiences without looking like your hating or bitching about the people who played a starring role in the movie that is your life??
Anyway despite everything, I am still so confused about men! I really wish one of you could fill me in on the goings on of your minds. (Im so sure that ain't grammatically correct lol)
For now I prefer just to stay on guard and assume that all men are just punks until they prove otherwise. I know that it may not be fair to just generalize but i have to look out for numero uno!
It is quite sad though that women now have such a bad reputation that we are now all categorized as skanks! I will not even pretend not to know why.
I think men just feel bad because women have emancipated themselves from that feminine role that was defined since time immemorial.
Women are now the ones chasing after men, they are okay with casual sex with no strings attached, they do not rely on men for anything, basically women are taking over the masculine role in today's world, and men are not very amused ha ha ha
Can I be categorized as one of these new breed of women? I dunno, I think I am still trying to find where my place is. I do not condone some of the things women are doing now, but I do admire their confidence and freedom.
The thing is, these women have made men even worse! They are now walking around believing that every woman is the scum of the earth, a gold digging bitch, who will take them for a ride and leave them with their hearts broken and run.
I know I am not that kind of woman, but apparently it is like stamped on my forehead and most men figure it out. So you would think I have enough suitors knocking on my door, but you would be surprised lol Someone told me I look like wife material, which I find weird because I never think about marriage. I always tell people I will get married when I am 38 and only because Im sick of all the pressure. I just find it strange because I have no idea what kind of wife I would be.
The sanctity of the covenant known as marriage has really been decayed especially by this generation. The rate of divorce and infidelity is just so high. I just wonder why the hell people bothered getting married if they knew they were incapable of remaining faithful to one person, for better for worse, and blah blah blah.
I still have that view that marriage should be forever and we all know that life ain't a fairy tale so that happily ever after nonsense does not exist so I think I would rather just avoid that whole marriage thing all together.
Remember the flick starring Mel Gibson 'What women want'? I wish i could know what the hell it is men want, or at least understand what goes on in their minds.


Mwistar said...

Welcome to the blogworld vovo!

I don't think what goes on in a man's head is terrebly important. When it comes to women, it is usually a bunch of unco-ordinated thoughts, usually controlled by reflex and instinct. I sometimes blush at some of my twisted thoughts.

I will dare compare us to an overgrown rose bush. If you take the time to prune key branches of our wild nature, you will end up with something beautiful.

Just so long as you remember that we are known to draw blood with the thorns. Be careful.

vink said...

Reflex, instinct, rosebush... i'l keep that in mind :) but most of all il be very careful i dont loose any more blood..

sweetnnice said...

Vovo, si you echoed my thoughts to a tee . . I think men being punks until proven otherwise as a result of women playing roles that they shouldnt is a life philosophy now.
I know i am not that kind of person and its a shame that any man on first appearance would treat me as such. .
I believe in marriage, again(i had stopped). I mean society ceases to exist if the nuclear family which is a centre of it gets eroded . . These are my thoughts. If everyone could just realise that its not the end of the world to let a man be in charge sometimes, its actually really hot!! but hey that's me

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