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Are you happy??
My ex used to like asking me that question, and at the time, i honestly was not sure i was because i never really new what the definition of happiness was.
Today if u ask me the same question, i will definitely answer it without any hesitation, i am very happy!!
what would you define as happiness?
In today's world, it seems like the ultimate definition of happiness, is having a partner. Married people and people in relationships are viewed to be very happy and living a blissful life while single people are viewed as being lonely, sad and alone.
A good friend of mine really used to like taunting me about how i was single, and lonely and i would die alone blah blah blah, i basically used to ignore him and i never really took it to heart.
Enough single people keep getting pressure from all corners to find a partner because their biological clock was ticking, or so that they would stop always being the third wheel during get togethers and what not.
Society has made being single seem like such a sad phenomenon when it really is not.
I remember for the longest time i really wanted to be in a relationship, so when the first opportunity presented itself, i literally jumped into it, without thinking clearly about it. 'Let's do this' were the words i literally used lol.
When I compare my life now, and back when i was in a relationship, I can honestly say I am way happier now. There were some great times, but there were also some really really low times. They were so low that i barely remember the good times. Maybe it's because I was with the wrong person, i dunno. Anyway I wont use this as a platform to discuss my one failed relationship.
I am happy because God has been so good to me, even though i may not necessarily deserve it. I am of relatively good health even though i do not take care of myself as much as i should. I have an awesome loving family who are always there for me and they make my world go round. My friends are just amazing, and so much fun. All the important people in my life have played a role in making me who i am today. I am definitely a better person because of them.
Though i do not have a man in my life, these people have made my life extremely fulfilling, and i know i have nothing missing in my life.
ok who am i kidding, i miss that excitement that comes with meeting someone knew and getting to know them, but in my current circumstances, the excitement has just turned into anxiety and confusion, anyway that's a story for another day.

'alone people do not like hearing about together people. It's mean. It's like carrying a 6 pack to an AA meeting' (Caliope-Greys anatomy)

Married people and those in relationships really like rubbing it in single peoples faces be it on purpose or without knowing it. This for sure is one of the reasons that depress single people about being alone.

Anyway I am happy and being single really has nothing to do with it. I really do not want my life being defined by having a man. If i do get a man, so be it, but my happiness will be determined by my life's circumstances and not the fact that I am dating.

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Anonymous said...

true that hapinness today tends to be attached or confined to being attached to that special someone...whatever happenned to single and loving it ,not to say that relationships are bad or anything its just happiness can be experienced from both sides of the park.'Am i happy?" if the answer is yes right on!f no lets not wallow in self pity complaining about who did what to who and the effects of whatever but rather make happiness for ourselves life is too short to dwell in the past so every day from her on out today can be a good day

Anonymous said...

Cheers - this is a very honest post. Yes we are pressured to live in twos and when we don't succumb it is assumed that we are failures and therefore unhappy, regardless of our otherwise successful and contented livestyles. Celebrate your singleness my dear !

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