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A quagmire in the making....

Its just hit me that the last tym I was out on a date was in the year 2007!!!! Damn!! Its been a while!! I’m going on one today, and I’m so not prepared. I feel like shit and look like shit too!! But I’m gonna do this regardless.

I hate dates coz I am always a bundle of nerves. In fact I am like the cheapest date ever coz my stomach is usually in knots so I am never able to eat anything. I also hate the part when the paycheck has to be handled. I always feel like I have to chip in, coz I feel guilty if the guy takes care of it. I am just weird like that..

I am excited about it though, but I am trying to reduce so that I do not end up getting disappointed. I am hoping there will not be any weird moments of silence lol.

But I think that will not happen because there were none when I first met the guy. And there’s also the idea of having unexpected embarrassing moments like I accidentally shower on him or anything absurd like that.

Anyway fifteen more minutes and I have to go. The only way I can spruce up how I look is lip gloss ha ha ha how sad is that?!!

I had planned on posting this yesterday, but it brought me many sql errors and what not.

So the date went great! I was not nervous at all which makes me think I have really grown despite the lack of practice. We met at a coffee shop and had our coffee fix accompanied by some great conversation. I am glad to announce that there were no embarrassing moments or weird awkward moments so I had a great time. I did not even feel a thing when he paid the bill (maybe I should be a bit worried about that lol).

I am a very inquisitive person, so I tend to bombard people with questions especially when I am getting to know them or I’m nervous and have no idea what to say. I am starting to think I am some kind of truth serum for men coz I get to learn so much about them when we first meet. I find that very cool because it shows they feel they can be free with me.

Right now I have met two really awesome guys who I both like so far. They are both very interesting, sweet, and hot which is very strange because these things usually do not happen to me so I have no idea what’s going on but I am totally stoked about it.

I am still in the process of getting to know them both, but I am hoping things do not get complicated because I absolutely hate drama and I avoid it any chance I get. Right now I think I’ll just take things one step at a time and try not to get ahead of myself. But why lie I really like having options, and I have never felt more beautiful due to the nice things they always say.


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