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Deal makers and deal breakers!!!

What is the first thing that catches your eye about a member of the opposite sex??
I'll speak for myself, one of the first things i notice about a guy is his face. Lets face it, in Kenya there is a shortage of gorgeous men so women's standards have been forcefully reduced! Anyway what i look for in a face, good skin, nyummy lips, average sized nose, great hair. I am obsessed with hair, so if you have long hair i will be so smitten. I also like clean shaven heads, it looks nice and neat. Eyes are something i do not particularly look out for because majority of all the black people have the same brown eyes except some lucky few.
I also look at the attire. There are some men who are so well dressed it's insane. What catches my attention in particularly are suits, preppy dressed boys, or even simply a nice shirt wit pants, or a cool tshirt with a waist coat. There is just something about a man in a tie, it is very hot, but only when I am out, in the office there's nothing jazzing about it at all!
I think i am one of those women who really do not pay attention to a man's shoes. I only notice them if they are exceptionally hot or like really really bad!
There is nothing sexier than a man who can dance!!! No matter how injured you look, if you can dance then you have definitely caught my attention.
Of course if the man smells good thats a definate plus, there is no bigger turn off than body odour :( or sweat, I really do not want to be wiping my hands every time i touch your hands.
A man who walks up to me and speaks to me definitely arouses my interest. Nowadays it seems like men are just waiting for women to come and hit on them (watangoja!!!).
The voice definitely counts, if you step up to me with a girly shrieky voice i defintiely will never take you seriously. But if you have a deep sultry baritone, I will definitely be hooked. The way you talk is also important. I will not give you the time of day if you sound like some funny dodgy ob, or if you shrub, I know i may seem stuck up or whatever but those things are important. I think it is important that i can at least have a conversation with you without bursting out laughing because you have shrubbed, or having to ask what that sheng word means.
No woman is attracted to a shamelessly drunk guy, so if you know your one of them get your act together.
A man who will protect you from trouble will win a girls heart, not the dude instigating the fight for no reason, be man enough to walk away.
Gentlemen always turn heads. It is so nice to find a man who will pull up your chair, open your door.. okay to be honest sometimes i find it weird but i still feel like i am being pampered.
Height only becomes an issue if the man is shorter than me, I do not wanna look down on you. There is something hot about having to tiptoe to give a guy a hug or a kiss.
Of course a man's body is very essential. Many women have different tastes, and luckily there is a lot of variety in that department.
Lucky for men, women are not as biased when it comes to body type. You will find a gorgeous woman dating the most ridiculous looking guy ever!
Anyway you will be surprised by the little things that can turn people off. Different people have different pet peeves.

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Anonymous said...

Oh i forgot to add, men with dirty finger nails or that one long little finger nail are just a turn off. i heard that one little long finger nail serves a purpose (ewe) but i really do not need physical evidence showing you take part in those activities :(

sweetnnice said...

Oh i agree with anonymous, that ka small fingernail bugs me to bits!!!!

You're right about standards shukaing, i dont look at a dudes face first . . I notice the body!! I love a nice looking toned body, not like a rugby player's but more the swimmer type. And the eyes, deep full of a story in themselves. . I'dlike a tall guy round 6' 3" and dark, no light skinned men for me . . :) And the voice. . . and that he can dance, i wanna be swept off my feet . .

Anonymous said...

Sweaty hands YUCK!!!but a basic lack of personal hygiene is just a major turn off!!!and I think the first thing I notice is eyes and his smile..if his smile is hot then Im for other physical traits I think sweetnice wants the same guy I do:)

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