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It seems like I can not catch a break!!!! I could not access this blog, so I moved, then the place where I moved to has been blocked, then I've realised this has become accessible again, what the hell?!!!
Anyhuu I still love this space because the templates so nice and vibrant so when I really need to say something I will defnitely be venting on this space!!


Due to unavoidable circumstances, I have been forced to export my blog to wordpress.
I have also realised wordpress is a very cool blog host with a lot of tools that blogger unfortunately does not offer so you can catch me at:


To everyone who has me on their blog roll, sorry for the inconvenience, if you wish, kindly change my blog address to

I have decided that I will still be blogging here so this aint the lost of 'In the confines of my mind'

xxx V xxx


Lesdodis!!!! Let's do this!
Thank God it's Friday!!
I am excited about
hanging out with my cousins today. Wow I actually do not remember the last Friday that I just went home and chilled! Next week that is top on my schedule for the weekend.
Today I am feeling
peachy. No feeling stands out in particular this morning so I'm easy breezy.
My Funky Friday Theme song is
Nuh Linga by Elephant man. Some road show truck is blaring it out loud outside my office. I love this song it is so catchy, and a great track to dance to as we all try to sweep like they do in the video. I hope I hear it tonight.
This weekend I
just wanna chill out. After all my scheduled activities I am locking myself in my room, watch serieses and maybe make some jewellery because this missy here has to make some bank. young mula baby!!
I am really craving

You may conquer with the sword but you are conquered by a kiss
I wish
this flu would go away already! The full blown effects have not checked in yet, but I am so screwed if they do because my sinuses usually hurt like shit!
I hope
they do not discover how I am beating the system. fingers crossed 
Today's inspirational quote
'To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first'

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!
xxx V xxx
P.S should I move my blog to wordpress??



I was originally thinking of writing about how my life seems to be kinda boring without receiving any male attention but eish I have seen the benefits of just being left alone, it became very clear today.
Isn't it funny how the people you yearn for never say a word, but other people, especially the one's who do not particularly interest jazz you, always seem to be nagging you left right and centre?
I must say, men go around acting all macho, the epitome of masculinity, yet they start whining about how women do not hola sijui nini nini sheesh grow some cahones yawa. We women hate it just the same way guys hate being nagged by women about not holaing.
The leaving of a message is one half of a social contract which is completed by the checking of the message. If that contract breaks down then all social contracts break down and we descend into anarchy!
That quote there is from The Big Bang Theory,  I love that show.
I hate being ignored!!!! I believe that if I call you, at least pick up the phone. If I ring you more than once and you do not pick up, the least you can do is call me back when you see my missed call. If I text you, please reply, at least within the 24 hour window, or within the same week, otherwise I will not bother trying again.
If I write on your wall, reply on my wall, or at least comment on it but do not ignore it, or I will ignore your ass till you decide to hala at me first! sometimes I take it personally If I inbox you, just be courteous and reply.
If I twit you, twit back.
It is that simple. Those are the communication standards that I live by and adhere to as much as I can.
If you decide not to hola back at me, I will of course not be amused, but I will not bother asking you why your ignoring me,  I guess you have your reasons.
I have this friend of mine punk who rarely picks up my calls or reply my texts, he makes me so freaking mad! By the way I have decided if I am not worth communicating with over the phone, then he does not deserve my attention in person, and he will face my wrath the next time I see him. do not worry its nothing serious, I am a friendly girl
You know how when you receive a text how excited you get, till you see who sent it? Then when their identity is revealed your heart either skips a beat or sinks?
If my heart sinks, and I am not so jazzed about it, I will reply out of courtesy but just not with as much urgency as if it was someone I was excited about but before the 24 hour window closes. Just do not go freaking out on me and start making funny assumptions.Be easy I will get back to you.
Anyway right now my mind is really at peace, no male distractions whatsoever, and right now I think it is better if it stays that way.

On the flipside, peep this nails, aren't they just dandy??!!

I will not be able to tweet as much anymore, due to some uncontrollable circumstances *sob* *sob* which is sad because today I marked my 1000th tweet. Anyway I will try to tweet whenever I get a chance.

xxx V xxx

First of the month
Glittery texts by

Okay I know I am a little late on this, it being 2nd of November here in Kenya but in some parts of the world, I am sure it still is 1st November :p

October highlights
October was a really chilled out month for me. But here are some of the things that stuck out for me:

Went for the Top 100 parties at Carnivore and I had so much fun, and we took some fabulous pictures. If you hear about the next one make sure you go, I promise you you will not regret it.

I took my mother for the Tusker Project Fame Finale and we had so much fun! She was so happy and excited which was awesome because I really wanted to do something nice for her.

I won something :) I won a Palmers Cocoa Butter hamper but I still haven't received it yet.

My Mizizi class had a fun day out with some adorable kids 2 weeks ago and I had so much fun with them.

I celebrated halloween for the first time ever and it rocked! Kenyans this year went all out, I was surprised!

I dunno what this dude was meant to be lol but he was not the only one who dressed up. There were witches, wizards, vampires, grim ripper, Amy Winehouse, a kitty, a mbotch, pirates, warewolves, Superman who proceeded to ask me if I was Lois Lane (Lame). The best costume I saw was a chic dressed as Beyonce think the Single Ladies video. She looked spectacular! All this went down at the Nondescript Clubhouse and I had a ball!!

I met up with my friends this weekend as well, and we went to Kenya's version of an amusement park at Rim's Club on Langatta Road and we went on the banana, ferris wheel and the merry go round thing. The banana was the scariest of them all, you can practically feel your stomach moving up and down, I shut my eyes so tightly lol. But the second time round, I learnt a trick, laugh at the other people more freaked out than you :) I have always wanted to go on a rollercoaster, but after the banana, will I manage really?

October downsides
So I went from being confused by two men to none at all. I miss the male attention, but I think it was a very good thing that I got out before anything serious happened, I have emerged unharmed with my being remaining intact.
How could I miss the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) ??? And the white party at Tribe? I still feel very badly about that. But I have to give them props, who new a Kenyan Award show would go so well?

Dstv was put off :( National TV is soo boring Jesus!!!! I just get home and sleep rather than be subjected to News or that God awful mbotch station known as Citizen Tv.
Bills! Bills! Bills! I have debts which I am yet to pay, and the pressure is starting to pile up.
I am still unsure about my career path :-/ 

October discoveries
There is this girl that I know from mutual friends of ours. The first time I officially met her was last year like March, I thought she was so cool, and really nice. After that day, the next numerous times we came across each other, we never spoke. I assumed she chose to forget who I was, and being the proud person that I am, I never made the first attempt to try and speak to her either. I met her at a party last month and she proceeded to introducer herself to me twice! It just made me wonder whether I was that insignificant for her not to remember me that she had to re-introduce herself on the same night. So this weekend, I discovered that she felt the same way as me. She thought that I used to ignore her on purpose as well. I was honestly shocked when I heard about that. This pride of mine really gets me into problems sometimes. So I have decided the next time I see her, I will greet her as warmly as I can, and try explain that I was not trying to be a snob or anything, and hopefully we will be able to become good friends after that.

I also discovered not focusing on men is easy, fun and stress free! The two times I went out last month, was purely a girls night out. We got all dolled up and proceeded to ignore advances from random men and I had a blast!

What I look forward to in November
 This month my cousin and one of my closest friends are celebrating their birthdays so that is definitely something to look forward to.
I also cannot wait to get my hair undone, it is really making me conscious about my forehead :)
To be honest, that's all!  I am waiting for December for all the summer bunnies to come back to the country.

What were your highlights, downsides and discoveries for the month of October? What do you look forward to in this brand spanking new month?


Thank God it's Friday!!

I am excited about
meeting up with my friend tonight at a halloween party that I am so not dressing up for. I do not know why this year Halloween has been really hyped up, but I'm not jumping on that bandwagon, I'l go dressed up as myself but with creepy eyes lol.
Today I am feeling
I dunno, I cannot quite tell what it is that I am feeling today.... so lets just say that I am easy breezy
My Funky Friday Them Song is
Fall in love by D'Banj. That Naija boy is just too cool for school
This weekend I
am meeting up with many of my friends who I have not seen in a while so I am really stoked about it. I plan to party hard, have lottsa fun, and somehow make it to church on Sunday. We will see how well that will go...
I am really craving

A gorgeous tripled stack thing of beauty like this!! I'm having a burger for lunch today for sure, a double stacked one. Today we are having githeri maize and beans yuck!! which I CANNOT stand so its best that I stock up at lunch time :)
I wish
that most of my prayers will come to pass soon, but I put everything in your hands Almighty Father.
I hope
there will not be too much drama tonight because I know I will meet with those characters for sure.
Today's inspirational quote is
'The indefatigable what does that mean?? pursuit of unnattainable perfection alone gives a meaning to our life'
To be honest I have no idea what that means, these quotes are from my quote calendar :)

So just click on the comment link, and tell us what your excited about, how your feeling, your theme song today, what the weekend holds for you, what your craving, your wishes, your hopes and an inspirational quote you would like to share.

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!!
 xxx V xxx

I wanna do bad things with you

After watching true blood you will definitely want to do bad things with anyone WEG wicked evil grin Everywhere on the net I kept on hearing about twilight, new moon, true blood, vampire diaries, and I was really wondering what was behind all the hype about vampires. There have been dozens of movies and serieses about vampires, so why were people excited all of a sudden?
I really was not moved because honestly, all vampire storylines are practically like the same in my opinion. Anyhoo this weekend I got my hands on True blood and I absolutely love it.
First up Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) is just gorgeous, I love her gap mwanya I used to have a small one once upon a time, but thanks to retainers, I lost my gap :(
I was surprised that the characters had that western texan accent, I never expected that at all. It just goes to show just how talented these actors are. Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) is actually British and Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is Australian but they totally nail the accent.
From the get go you can just see the chemistry between Sookie and Bill is simply electrifying! The sparks can start a fire!

It is definitely no surprise that these two are engaged in real life, because that intensity cannot be faked.
So the basic storyline revolves around Sookie, a pretty waitress at Sam's bar. She meets Bill, a vampire and they fall for each other to the dismay of the entire community. Her bestfriend Tara and her boss Sam are both against the idea of her fraternising with a dead blood sucker but for totally different reasons. Tara is afraid for Sookie's safety and well being, while Sam in addition has been habouring feelings for Sookie for the longest time.
Jason is Sookie's manwhore of a brother who shags anything that moves. Lately the women he sleeps with end up dying and making him the chief suspect.
Lafayette is like my best character. He is Tara's ghetto fabulous gay cousin who peddles all kinda drugs including V. V is vampire blood which gives users 'life'. I love Lafayette, he looks so gorgeous in makeup, and he has the prettiest toe nails. But when he decides to suite up, he really cleans up nice and looks so handsome.

After watching True blood, I discovered that I would definitely offe rmyself to a vampire lol. I have just gotten a few episodes of Vampire Diaries so I cant wait to check it out.
True blood is definitely a must watch so find a way of getting your hands on it!

xxx V xxx