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Lesdodis!!!! Let's do this!
Thank God it's Friday!!
I am excited about
hanging out with my cousins today. Wow I actually do not remember the last Friday that I just went home and chilled! Next week that is top on my schedule for the weekend.
Today I am feeling
peachy. No feeling stands out in particular this morning so I'm easy breezy.
My Funky Friday Theme song is
Nuh Linga by Elephant man. Some road show truck is blaring it out loud outside my office. I love this song it is so catchy, and a great track to dance to as we all try to sweep like they do in the video. I hope I hear it tonight.
This weekend I
just wanna chill out. After all my scheduled activities I am locking myself in my room, watch serieses and maybe make some jewellery because this missy here has to make some bank. young mula baby!!
I am really craving

You may conquer with the sword but you are conquered by a kiss
I wish
this flu would go away already! The full blown effects have not checked in yet, but I am so screwed if they do because my sinuses usually hurt like shit!
I hope
they do not discover how I am beating the system. fingers crossed 
Today's inspirational quote
'To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first'

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!
xxx V xxx
P.S should I move my blog to wordpress??



Tricia said...

Hey dear! I know its Friday when i read from you, feels great.
Let me see, i haven't had problems with blogger yet, its only that day, rem? You make cool coz i do too..I'm havign a great Friday too , plannin on just chillin this weekend.
Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt.;-)..Friday,finally..:-) is definately Happy happy sana tryt here!!!
Aww really hope ur homa ishas..but stay in tonight-cool? loving ur blog TOW-TALLY..:-D

nkirdizzle said...

@Tricia My Friday was too cool for school!!!
@Anonymous he he thank you darling but this Aunt vibe must reduce!!

Anonymous said...

Yes you should move your blog to wordpress!
ati you were craving a

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