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I was originally thinking of writing about how my life seems to be kinda boring without receiving any male attention but eish I have seen the benefits of just being left alone, it became very clear today.
Isn't it funny how the people you yearn for never say a word, but other people, especially the one's who do not particularly interest jazz you, always seem to be nagging you left right and centre?
I must say, men go around acting all macho, the epitome of masculinity, yet they start whining about how women do not hola sijui nini nini sheesh grow some cahones yawa. We women hate it just the same way guys hate being nagged by women about not holaing.
The leaving of a message is one half of a social contract which is completed by the checking of the message. If that contract breaks down then all social contracts break down and we descend into anarchy!
That quote there is from The Big Bang Theory,  I love that show.
I hate being ignored!!!! I believe that if I call you, at least pick up the phone. If I ring you more than once and you do not pick up, the least you can do is call me back when you see my missed call. If I text you, please reply, at least within the 24 hour window, or within the same week, otherwise I will not bother trying again.
If I write on your wall, reply on my wall, or at least comment on it but do not ignore it, or I will ignore your ass till you decide to hala at me first! sometimes I take it personally If I inbox you, just be courteous and reply.
If I twit you, twit back.
It is that simple. Those are the communication standards that I live by and adhere to as much as I can.
If you decide not to hola back at me, I will of course not be amused, but I will not bother asking you why your ignoring me,  I guess you have your reasons.
I have this friend of mine punk who rarely picks up my calls or reply my texts, he makes me so freaking mad! By the way I have decided if I am not worth communicating with over the phone, then he does not deserve my attention in person, and he will face my wrath the next time I see him. do not worry its nothing serious, I am a friendly girl
You know how when you receive a text how excited you get, till you see who sent it? Then when their identity is revealed your heart either skips a beat or sinks?
If my heart sinks, and I am not so jazzed about it, I will reply out of courtesy but just not with as much urgency as if it was someone I was excited about but before the 24 hour window closes. Just do not go freaking out on me and start making funny assumptions.Be easy I will get back to you.
Anyway right now my mind is really at peace, no male distractions whatsoever, and right now I think it is better if it stays that way.

On the flipside, peep this nails, aren't they just dandy??!!

I will not be able to tweet as much anymore, due to some uncontrollable circumstances *sob* *sob* which is sad because today I marked my 1000th tweet. Anyway I will try to tweet whenever I get a chance.

xxx V xxx


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